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Introduction to the various kind of tapestries

The term "Tapestry" derives from the Greek "Tapetion" who gave "Tapas", then in french "Tapis" (a carpet), finally Tapisserie and in saxon Tapestry.
The oldest written testimony of this technique is in   Ulysse retournant auprès de Pénélope Ulysse back with Pénélope. Preserved at Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sculpture (Relief) of the grec Art from VIth century dated around 450 BC. Artiste : Anonyme
the Odyssey by Homer (wrote in VIIIth century before Jesus Christ). Penelope was the daughter of Icarius. She was the wife of Odysseus and was famous for her cleverness. Penelope awaiting Odysseus backing home from the Trojan war was beset by suitors who wanted her to remarry. In order to delay them, she insisted that she could not remarry until she had finished a shroud for Odysseus father, Laertes. She worked the day to, but each night unravelled the tapestry. In this book one talks about a tool, particular kind of frame which uses as well the weavers as the embroiderers. One cannot thus know exactly if Penelop woves her tapestry or if she carried it out using Petit point stitch. However the author call her work a shroud; this leaves to think that her tool was a weaving loom.
The basic elements of a tapestry are an artwork of painter, that one calls "carton" (paint on paperboard), and, colored threads of wool and silk. Tapestry or needlepoint Art consists, using these threads, to carry out a   particular texture Welf, Warp & Cross Stitch that performs the cartoon.
The "Tapestry" commonly is used today as since centuries to embellish the interior of homes, particularely walls and for decoration of furnitures covering. These works line up in the Decorative Art and Textile Art categories.

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